Company Policy

Under the heading “Company Policy” we could fill the page with a series of complicated phrases and tecnical terminology, as any other company in the world.


SOSVI wants to give an idea of his policy that corresponds to REALITY.


The idea is certainly not the price at any cost, indeed, the customer who seeks only the best economic value of the product is not the right customer for us.
The final result is something more than a set of elements in iron well soldered and well painted or galvanized, it is the guarantee for a customer that the installation operates without encountering errors, minimizing time and costs (and those who work or have worked in industrial assemblies are well aware the cost of a crane on site, a helicopter might come from another country, a change of carpentry work, …), that a physical and mental peace in the certainty that all quality standards and specifications have been achieved and controlled, that the experience gained in more than 70 years of work is constantly made available, even by proposing any other technical solutions that can be less elaborate and less expensive.


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How can we achieve that?


Through a production process that provides a quality worthy of the highest standards in its class. Remember that the SOSVI began his career qualifying welders and procedures since back in 1981 with the drafting and implementing of their Quality Manual, with contents similar to the official ISO standards. Today’s philosophy has remained intact, and, with the ‘use of new technologies, we can obtain more effective results. All materials are identified at the arrival, traceable “to the unit”, labeled and tested using destructive tests performed in our laboratories. The final dossier can be sent electronically to the customer in “real time”.


We are also obtaining ISO9001: 2015 and EN 3834-2.

A particular attention is given to the Managment Area, in order to reduce the time for the conduct of the business office and warehouse or research and archiving of documents, and to improve the organization company.
Regular meetings mark the situation, to stimulate constant updates, create satisfaction for the work performed.

Engagement in environmental and safety and hygiene at work even if the path is definitely more difficult and in this sense a strong spirit of awareness has been gained with the adoption of the Safety Management System and Occupational Hygiene (SGSL) in result of which increasing attention is paid to the welfare of workers – both physical and psychological – scheduling regular meetings and training courses. Significant results were obtained with the steady growth of constructive bilateral communication.

This is a photography of SOSVI; a photography from the colors more brilliant and lasting.